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Multani Amrtarishta is a panacea for many diseases. Consuming it daily gives relief in many problems. It has antioxidant properties, so it improves immunity and reduces recurrent disease.

Usefulness – Multani Amritarishta is useful in liver and spleen problems. Consuming Amritarishta daily will help to relieve pain, burning, and indigestion and helps support the body’s natural immune system. Amritarishta helps in balancing the tridoshas, especially the pitta dosha.

What makes Multani Amritarishta so effective – The main ingredient of this remedy is Guduchi, which is rich in many medicinal properties. Giloy is helpful in increasing immunity and keeps the digestive system right that is why all the properties of Giloy are present in Amrutarishta. Apart from Giloy, other medicines are also used in Amritarishta.

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