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Multani Arvindasava Is Beneficial In Multiple Conditions For Children. Its Primary Function Is To Act As A Digestive Tonic For Children. It Improves Appetite And Increases Physical Strength.

Usefulness – Multani Arvindasava Helps Enhance Kids’ Immune System And Improve Digestion. Considered One Of The Most Effective Carminative Medicine In Ayurveda, Arvindasava Helps Relieve Flatulence And Brings Relief To The Stomach And The Digestive Tract. This Paediatric Tonic Is An Ayurvedic Liquid Medicine Specially Formulated To Enhance Digestion And Promote Healthy Weight Gain In Children. It Helps Improve Stamina In Children In An Effective Way. It Promotes Cognitive Skills, Reasoning, And Problem-Solving Skills In A Smooth And Unruffled Way.

What Makes Arvindasava So Effective – Aravinda, Being The Most Beneficial Ingredients Of Arvindasava, Is Helpful In Treating Flatulence, Loose Motions, Abdominal Pain And Indigestion. It Can Also Be Used To Treat Constipation.

For Latest Offers & Schemes – For Latest Offers & Scheme, Buy Only from Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Multani Arvindasava Has a Shelf Life Of 5 Years, So Buy Without Any Kind Of Hesitation.


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