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Rhumed Strong Oil


Rhumed Strong Oil

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Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties Which Are Helpful In Reducing Joint Pain & Stiffness While Improving Overall Mobility. Our Ayurvedic Formula Is Helpful In Morning Stiffness, Swelling In Joints, Tenderness In Joints, Muscle Weakness And Restricted Joint Movements.

Muscle Flexibility : Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Is Formulated To Provide Lasting Relief Of Muscle Weakness, Swelling, Joint Pain & Joint Stiffness. Sometimes Joint, Back Or Muscle Pain Becomes A Painful Barrier To Keeping Up With Active Lifestyle. Our Product Works Incredibly Well At Relieving The Pain And Getting You Back To Doing The Things You Love.

 Ayurvedic Approach To Pain Management : Using A Powerful Combination Of Herbs Like Ashwagandha, Ajmoda, Chopchini, Gokshur & Shunthi, Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Supports Cartilage Health And Minor Symptom Relief Deep In The Joints. This Helps To Increase Flexibility, Mobility And Reduces Stiffness, To Provide “Total Pain Relief”.

Support For An Active Lifestyle : Factors Such As The Aging Process, Injury And Medication Provision Can Attenuate The Ability Of The Muscle & Bones Which May Further Cause Inactive Lifestyle. Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Will Be Ideal Remedy To Regain Your Active Lifestyle.

 Trust Of Multani Ayurveda : Made Using Ayurvedic Methods, Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Is Authentic, Natural Tablets That summarize The power Of Ayurvedic Herbs. Formulated From Natural Herbs, This Natural Pain Relief Formula Represents Our 83 Years Of Ayurvedic Excellence & Expertise.

Straightaway Relief : Multani Rhumed Strong Oil Enhances Blood Circulation By Stimulating The Nerves Of The Affected Area Resulting In Healing.

Usage : Knee Joint, Swelling Of Joints, Morning Stiffness, Tenderness Of Joints, Muscular Weakness And Restricted Joints Movement.

No Side Effects : 100% Natural & Ayurvedic. Packed With The Goodness Of Ayurvedic Herbs. The Light, Highly Absorbent, And Non-Sticky Formula Makes It More Likely To Use On A Daily Basis.

Ingredients : Khurasani Ajwain, Errand, Dhatura, Mahanarayan Taila, Gandhapura Taila, Satva Pudina, Lavang Taila, Jaiphal Taila, Tila Taila, Butlated Hydroxytoluene.


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