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Multani Saraswatarishta Is An Old Age Ayurvedic Formula Which Is Useful In Many Ways.

Maximize Your Performance Levels: Whether you’re A Workaholic, College Student, Busy Mom, Senior, or Training Athlete You Want to Achieve Your Goals & Reach Optimum Efficiency! Let Our Ayurvedic Remedy Take Care of it And Help Boost Your Concentration And Focus. Feel Bright, Alert, And Awake Again for Any Challenges That Face You. Reward Yourself with Our Advanced Attention Focus Brain Function Old age formula.

Caffeine Free Energy & Concentration : Elevate Your Energy Levels Naturally. Multani Saraswatarishta Is 100% Natural & Ayurvedic Which Is Made For To Help Elevate Your Mind And Achieve Clarity & Balance.

Reach Your True Potential: It Is Useful For All Age Groups.

Made With You in Mind: Tired of running out of crucial focus and memory energy capsules? Don’t worry Multani Saraswatarishta is here with ultra long-lasting supply. Multani Saraswatarishta can help struggling college students, adults, and seniors feel more energetic, retain information better and concentrate with ease.

Composition- Brahmi, Satavari, Vidari, Haritaki, Ushira, Shunthi, Mishreya, Dhataki, Renuka, Trivrit, Pippali, Lavang, Vacha, Kushta, Ashwagandha, Bibhitaki, Guduchi, Ela, Vidanga, Tvak, Madhu.


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