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Sharbat – e Taazgi


Sharbat – e Taazgi



Price Per Unit             : Rs 0.23/ml

Manufactured by        : Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd



Multani Sharbat E-Tazgi Is a Summer Refreshing Drink. A Chilled Glass Of Sharbat In Sweltering Summers Can Provide You With Much-Needed Relief And A Ton Of Health. Sharbat Is Valued As The Most Favorable Energy Drink That Helps You Maintain Electrolyte Balance, Stay Hydrated, And Cool.

Stay Hydrated & Beat The Heat – Multani Sharbat E-Tazgi Will Help You Keep Hydrated During This Summer Season. Made Up Of Several Herbs And Fruit Juices With Vital Nutrients And Vitamins Essential For Good Health. This drink will give you energy and keep you hydrated throughout the day. Our Summer Syrups For Drinks Is A Delightful Flavoured Drink Made Up With Rose & Khus That Can Be Enjoyed By Any Age-Group, Especially During Summers As It Keeps You Cool.

Perfect Additives For Mocktails – Multani Sharbat-E-Tazgi Is the Perfect Additive For To Syrup For Milkshake, Firni, Faluda, Ice Cream, Thandai Syrup, Khus Sharbat, Rose Milk Syrup, Khus Sharbat, Rose Syrup, Paan, Badam Shake, And Kulfi To Get An Extra Zing. It Has Nutrients Which Make Your Preparations Tasty And Healthy. Useful As Energizer Especially In Summer and Also Useful In Heat Stroke.

Ingredients & Shelf Life – This Product Is Appreciated for It Long Shelf Life Which Is 24 Months. Ingredients- Shankpushpi, Nilofar, Gulab, Aam, Banafsha, Khas, Saunt, Sugar.

Storage Guidelines – Store in a Cool, Dry, Ventilated Place at Room Temperature, Keep Away From Direct Heat. Do Not Refrigerate.

Weight : 750ml


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