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Ushirasava May be Beneficial In Stopping Excessive Bleeding. It Is Homeostatic In Nature And Also Contains Pitta Pacifying Properties As It Has A Cooling And Tranquillising Tendency.

Usefulness- Multani Usirasava Purifies Blood And Cleanses The Liver Which Is One Of The Main Reasons Why It Is Indicated For Some Types Of Skin Diseases As Well. It Can Also Be Helpful In Other Kidney Related Disorders Like Spermatorrhea. It Pacifies And Balances Pitta Dosha Hence It Is Also Useful In Treating Premature Grey Hair Due To Aggravated Pitta.

What Makes Usirasava So Effective –Usira Is the Important Abundant Ingredients of Multani Ushirasava. Usira (Vetiveria Zizanioides) Is Useful in Urinary Disorders, Piles, Various Types Of Burning Sensations & Other Skin Issues.

Ingredients & Shelf Life- This Product Is Appreciated For It Long Shelf Life Which Is 60 Months. Usira, Balaka,Padma, Gambhari, Nilotpala, Priyangu, Padmaka, Lodhra, Manjistha, Dhanvayasaka, Patha, Kiratatikta, Nyagrodha, Udumbara, Sati, Parpata, Pundarika, Patol, Kancanaraka, Jambu, Salmali, Niryasa, Draksa, Dhataki, Jala, Sarkara, Madhu,Etc.


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