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We, at Multani, are committed to espousing the values of quality, transparency, excellence, and innovation in everything we do. Our leadership gives utmost priority to enforcing the highest ethical standards in the formulation, processing, manufacturing, and marketing of our Ayurveda and Unani-based products. Our Board of Directors, which comprises industry stalwarts and veterans, keep the goal of customer satisfaction and organisational growth at the forefront of their decision-making.

Our company’s strength lies in its strict adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines, both of the National and International level. Multani’s eight decade long success story can be attributed to its mission of spreading the wisdom of ancient medicine to the modern customer by marrying competency with quality. This could not have been possible without the guidance of our astute and visionary leaders. Our company’s senior-most leadership and management body is helmed by the best minds in the country. Their financial, strategic, and operational decisions have been pivotal in the growth of our brand in India and around the world.

Multani is a firm believer in giving back to society. As part of our CSR initiatives, we have vowed to work for the upliftment of the poor, improve healthcare facilities, provide education and vocational training, establish technology incubators in academic institutions, empower women and other disadvantaged groups, protect and safeguard the environment as well as our cultural heritage, invest in sports training facilities, contribute to rural development etc. The cornerstone of our CSR policy is to act on the ethos of generosity and compassion, and build a society that serves everyone in equal measures.

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