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Multani Balarishta Or Balarishtam Is An Ayurveda Medicine Beneficial In Vata Imbalance. Balarishta Helps Improve Digestion, and Strength And Imparts Nourishment To The Body.

Usefulness – Multani Balarishta is Used For All Diseases Occurring Due To Vata Aggravation Or Excess Vata In The Body. Vata Disorders Are Mostly Related To the Nervous System And Musculoskeletal System. So, The Main Action Of The Multani Balarishta Is Observable On The Brain, Nerves, Muscles, Ligaments, Bones, And Joints. It Is Also Beneficial In Paralysis, Arthritic Disorders & Helps Improve Appetite.

What Makes Balarishta So Effective – Bala Being The Most Important Ingredient Of Balarishta Is Responsible For Strengthens The Bones. It Is Known For Its Properties Of Being An Antioxidant, Antiviral, Antirheumatic, Hypoglycaemic, Diuretic, Analgesic, Immune Enhancing, and Hepato Protective. It Treats Vata Dosha Disorders Too.

Ingredients & Shelf Life – This Product Is Appreciated For Its Long Shelf Life Which Is 60 Months. – Bala, Asvagandha, Dhataki, Kshir Vidari, Eranda, Rasna, Ela, Prasarni, Lavanga, Ushira, Gokshura, Water.


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