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Multani Kankasava 450 ml


Multani Kankasava 450 ml

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Kankasava is an ancient ayurvedic medicine that has broncho-dilator and mucolytic properties. Kankasava is also useful in simple cough and cold.


  • Multani Kankasava: Kanakasava, Also Known As Kanakasavam Is A Classical Ayurvedic Remedy That Acts As A Solution Towards Most Respiratory Issues, Gut Problems And Weakened Immunity.
  • Why Kankasava Is Helpful: Kankasava Is An Ayurvedic Medicine For Breathing Difficulties. It Has A Combination Of Powerful Herbs That Are Used As An Ayurvedic Medication For Allergic Rhinitis. It Is Useful In Relieving The Mucus Which Blocks The Respiratory Passage And Causes Difficulty In Breathing. Being A Anti-Inflammatory Formulation, It Provides Relief By Increasing The Airflow To The Bronchial Passageways.
  • Multani Kankasava So Effective: Dhatura Is Called Kanak In Sanskrit. Kanak Is Mainly Used In This Asava. Kanakasava Is Very Beneficial In Cough Borne Issues Like Cough, Congestion & Difficulty In Breathing Etc.
  • Dosage & Doctor Consultation: As Directed By The Physician. In Case Of Enquiry Or Doubt You Can Consult Our In-House Multani Ayurveda’s Doctors Freely.


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