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Multani Dasamoolarishtam Is Beneficial In Post Delivery, Restoring the Normal Health Of Women From Ancient Times. According To Ayurveda After The Delivery Of A Baby, New Mothers Have Aggravated Vata That Causes Various Common Problems Like Weakness And Low Energy Levels. Taking Dashmularishta Helps To Control the Aggravation Of Vata And Restore Energy Levels And Optimum Health Of Women Because Of Vata Balancing And Balya (Strength Provider) Properties.

Usefulness – Period Pain In Ayurveda, Is Known As Kasht-Aartava. According To Ayurveda, Aartava Or Menstruation Is Controlled And Governed By Vata Dosha. So, It Is Important To Control The Vata In Order To Manage Dysmenorrhea. Dashmularishta Has Vata Balancing Property Which Provides Relief In Dysmenorrhea. It Controls Aggravated Vata and Reduces Abdominal Pain And Cramps During the Menstrual Cycle.

What Makes Multani Dashmularishta – A Beneficial Combination Of Dashmool (Ten Herb Roots) And Vata Pacifying Herbs Is Useful In Treating Problems Related To The Reproductive System. Dashmoool Is A Combination Of Ten Herb Roots Like Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, and Kantakari, Etc., Which Have Antioxidant And Nutritive Properties.

For Latest Offers & Schemes – For the Latest Batch & Schemes, Buy Only from Multani Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Multani Dashmularishta Has a Shelf Life Of 5 Years, So Buy Without Any Kind Of Hesitation.


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